Meet the makers of Gin Confidential

Confidential Gin distillé 70cl bouteille en édition limitée

Maison Confidential les producteurs de Confidential Gin

Confidential Gin was the craft gin in a limited edition bottle featured in our December 2021 Box. Confidential is a distilled gin by Maison Confidential and is made in Segonzac at Domaine Elie Raby, a family property 400 years old.

Gin Confidential is produced by Germain Raby and his father. There are two types of distillations in the world that combine chemistry and knowledge to create the famous spirits. A subject that the Raby family has mastered for 230 years. Father and Son are the two major players in the elaboration of the property's magic potions.

Balance on the palate and aromatic complexity are the key words. Thus, after having tried hundreds of recipes, Germain ended up limiting himself to four atypical but tasty ingredients to make his gin: organic juniper berries, hibiscus flowers, Sichuan pepper and organic horseradish roots. In addition to juniper berries, he has selected hibiscus for its complex and floral aromas, Sichuan pepper for its spicy flavor that brings the pep often brought by traditional citrus fruits. The horseradish root serves as a binder between the other ingredients and brings precision and roundness to the recipe.

The base alcohol of their gin is made from wheat. Within their property, the gin is made by maceration of botanicals and distilled only once in a column still. After distillation, the gin is slowly reduced and then filtered. Finally, to bottle the bottles, the BTSA TC wine and spirits students come to the property, on each bottle the strings are placed by hand as well as the wax.

In 2018, Confidential Gin received a gold medal in the competition Inside Spirits and a second gold medal in the competition Trend Spirits with a score of 93/100 in 2019.

70 cl ; 40 % vol.

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  • Pottinger

    Hi nice looking bottle very well put together and beautiful looking gin it must taste as great as it is looking.

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