Meet the maker of HYSOPE Tonic Water


In 2014, Mériadec decided to quit his job in strategy consulting to enter a sector he particularly liked: gastronomy. He realized his dream of becoming a grand cru spice merchant and hitchhiked from Paris to Sri Lanka for six months to stock up on cinnamon, vanilla, saffron, cardamom and pepper.

On his return, he sold samples to the Pierre Hermé group and to the kitchens of the Grande Épicerie. But he soon realized that doing it alone was too tedious. The desire to become an entrepreneur did not leave him for the next four years, but he put aside the world of gastronomy for a while ... until the beginning of 2019, when he learned that the food market mixologie also requires top quality organic French products. He researched the demands of bartenders and realized their need was not for spices but for premium mixers. 

It is therefore with great effort and determination that Mériadec launched HYSOPE in March 2019, in order to offer a range of mixers other than that of Anglo-Saxon companies. He met a formulator with whom he validated five recipes, after having tested hundreds of flavors from the know-how of flavorists and perfumers from Grasse, the perfume capital of the world.

The production takes place in the heart of Charente, where before HYSOPE, the great names of French spirits found their letters of nobility. Today, HYSOPE products are distributed throughout France and Mériadec's dream is to have its own tanks and a complete production line.

Everything is done to promote a unique French know-how (the know-how of a perfumer). HYSOPE organic tonics reveal a lasting bitterness, close to that of cinchona, and a delicious balance between plant distillation and controlled sweetness. The choice of a purely French product also influenced the use of gentian (a bitter and typically French flower) as a base flavor in the composition of all tonic recipes. 

The elderflower brings a very subtle and herbaceous sweetness to the elderflower tonic water. Perfect to accompany Spritz, gin or cognac, elderflower reveals aromas of white flowers, hints of honey and lasting sweetness in the mouth. 

The classic tonic waters and elderflower of HYSOPE will enhance your cocktails and go perfectly with your Gin Tonic!


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