Meet the makers of ARTONIC Tonic Water


Jeans Pasquet and Larry Skoller have achieved their goal. With the new member of their team, Marion Duband, co-founder and general manager of SAS Maison ARTONIC, originally from the Cognac region and expert in wines and spirits, they are proud to officially present the line of premium mixers ARTONIC, " Arts and crafts in the Cognac region ".

ARTONIC premium organic mixers are the first range of quality French mixers created for super premium spirits. These all-natural tonics and sodas are made from Gensac's pure spring water and sophisticated blends of natural quinine, fruits and herbs. ARTONIC mixers are certified organic, use no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives and contain less sugar and fewer calories. 

The ARTONIC brand was created by Jean, a highly respected organic cognac producer, and Larry, a Franco-American, three times Grammy nominee and cognac exporter residing in Cognac for 17 years. The name and identity of the ARTONIC brand evoke the connection between craftsmanship and art - and the know-how, passion and humanity that define and animate their creativity. ARTONIC honors France's deep heritage by promoting and supporting its craft and artistic communities.   

The goal of the ARTONIC team was to create a line of superior mixers that would be produced locally in the Cognac region, where "excellence in a glass" has, for centuries, set the world standard for quality. They wanted a product that fully expresses the know-how of the region and which, coincidentally, occupies a niche in the French repertoire of luxury drinks - ARTONIC is the first line of high-end mixers specifically created for quality spirits " Made in France".   

Les tonics et sodas bio d'ARTONIC - GINSATIONS

ARTONIC mixers are carefully crafted to showcase the finer characteristics of your favorite spirits, allowing the singular and subtle aspects of each spirit to be expressed. To achieve this goal, it was necessary to create mixers as pure and clean as any super premium alcohol. They had to be organic and all-natural, and not contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. They should not be too sweet and the balance between sugar and acidity should be resistant; the structure of the wort mixers had to retain its integrity in a cocktail and not lose its orientation.

In addition, they should be dry enough to give each spirit more space. The fruits, plants and quinine had to have overall symmetry. The botany should not dull the fruit, but rather lift it, complete it and give it an aromatic complexity that would be expressed both on the nose and on the palate. The bitter notes of quinine - the ingredient that defines a tonic water - had to be friendly enough to appeal to the casual drinker, but bold enough to satisfy the needs of the professional bartender. The carbonation should have fine, compact and elegant bubbles that would not be too explosive and aggressive on the palette. It is important to note that due to the growing demand for premium soft drinks, ARTONIC mixers had to shine as a complex and elegant stand-alone alternative for the discerning palette.

To achieve these ambitious goals, Jean and Larry sourced the highest quality ingredients possible and, with meticulous and uncompromising rigor, spent over a year and a half creating and refining their recipes. They have now completed the first production of the first four flavors of ARTONIC.   

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