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Kaskad Tonic 6-Pack - Made in France!

Kaskad Tonic 6-Pack - Made in France!


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Got enough gin and need more tonic water? Kaskad Tonics are premium organic mixers.  Kaskad Tonics are made with spring water from the French Pyrenees.   

Kaskad Original Tonic utilizes the standards of the great traditional tonic recipes with a unique twist. The natural aroma of bitter oranges and quinine bark express themselves in this deliciously organic tonic.

Kaskad Citrus Tonic has a subtle and natural aroma of freshly squeezed limes.

The Kaskad 6-pack includes:

- 3 bottles (200 ml) Original Tonic

- 3 bottles (200 ml) Citrus Tonic

DLUO: 30/06/21