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Meet the Maker of Poulpe Bleu Gin


Spring has arrived for our April 2020 box, and we are delighted to present to you the first batch of Poulpe Bleu Gin, named after the legendary blue octopus of Provence, famous for getting out of the water at night to sample the botanicals of its inlets. He would appreciate the finesse of this maceration of juniper berries and botanicals characteristic of their beautiful Mediterranean coastline: thyme, rosemary, lemon zest, sea criste, almond, and rose petals.

La Liquoristerie de Provence aims to bring ancestral recipes up-to-date and give life to an authentic pleasure full of meaning and history while keeping perfectly in line with today's expectations with respect to the land and its vegetation. Their traditional and artisanal production process earned the Liquoristerie de Provence the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Company) in 2007.

Taken over by Renaud and Adeline de Barry in 2017, the Liquoristerie de Provence opened a new page in its history. The owners are both dynamic entrepreneurs, one from the world of wine cellars and the other having taken over the prestigious family wine estate, the Château de Saint-Martin Cru Classé des Côtes de Provence, which has excelled in quality for centuries. The pair was seduced by the idea of bringing ancestral recipes up-to-date and taking a more modern approach to revisiting elixirs from elsewhere and adding a Provençal flair. It is no coincidence that Renaud and Adeline also inherited a little black book containing a collection of precious recipes from a renowned family distillery: La Grande Distillerie de Bordeaux, Archambeaud Frères, created in 1820 under the direction of Renaud's paternal grandfather, Paul Archambeaud, who made French spirits famous at the time, with a vision very close to their own, reaching far beyond the oceans. Today, the Liquoristerie, quick to grasp inspirations of quality, has already picked up recipes of yesteryear whose worldwide success continues to delight collectors to this day.

At Liquoristerie de Provence, all products are made from macerations and infusions of plants, and that makes all the difference. Poulpe Bleu is a maceration gin made from 51% juniper berries. They add several botanical macerations or essential oils, namely thyme, rosemary, sea Criste, almond, lemon zest, rose, angelica, iris root, and seaweed. The neutral base alcohol used is made from beetroot. They carry out the macerations onsite, as well as the blending and bottling. A vacuum still is used for the distillation process.

In the April 2020 box, subscribers also found a cocktail recipe postcard along with their goody, a bottle of Liquoristerie de Provence's Fleur de Lavande. A liqueur that captures the spirit and flavors of Provence and made from PDO fine lavender, harvested at an altitude between 1200m and 1800m. 

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