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Meet the Maker of Le Point G Gin


Le Point G Gin françaisAlexandre You, fondateur Point G Gin

In our August 2020 box, we were pleased to present Le Point G Gin, a premium gin from Toulouse, which was first introduced in 2017, well before the gin trend began in France.

A little history around this gin ... Once upon a time, there was a partnership between a mixologist and a master distiller, from a family who has been making liqueurs for five generations, located on la route du Pastel, a pivotal position at the gates of Toulouse, the Pyrenees, and the Mediterranean. Their elixir is composed of eleven ingredients, with spirulina and violet as essential ingredients. A genuine emblem of the Toulouse region, and familiar to Benoît Serres, whose father is the creator of the first violet liqueur in the 1950s, this flower offers a gourmet and floral aspect to gin, while bringing a certain roundness to alcohol, which is usually very dry. Spirulina, on the other hand, provides the marine element and chlorophyll and is considered as a nutrient-dense food, very rich in protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. This delicious combination of land and sea gave birth to Le Point G Gin.

Classified as a gin, Le Point G is made from neutral grain alcohol (i.e., cereal). The eleven ingredients used are coriander, violet, ginger, Jamaican peppercorn, spirulina, sweet orange, candied lemon, and of course—juniper berries—gin's main component (22%). The method used to make this gin is by double distillation in a Charentais-type still.

 For Alexandre You, his gin aims to be a product that initiates new cocktail recipes. As gin is in a phase of rebirth, the Toulouse spirit is more aromatic and a bit sweeter than traditional gins. That's why the mixologist targets a high-end clientele, fond of local products, and eager to enjoy new flavors. The two partners have just developed a plant elixir, called the Point Green, a natural and original recipe with little sugar, low alcohol content, composed of ingredients never before used!

Alexandre You, who is always very creative, is a lover of natural and innovative products. He is about to introduce a new kefir tonic water—less sweet, 100% natural, no artificial flavors, colorings, or preservatives. A drink with multiple virtues: digestive, strengthens the immune system, transit, etc... and because of the carbonation, it continues as living food. Since we love Le Point G Gin, we are looking forward to trying their new products!

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