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Meet the Maker of Gin Phi


It was in New Zealand where Baptiste Kirchhoffer, accompanied by three of his best friends, had “the revelation.” One night sitting around a fire during a crazy game of cards, Baptiste, as usual, took advantage of the drunkenness of his friends to cheat the game and win the round. Far from being fooled, his friend Albin called him out! Baptiste's bad luck, coupled with him being a sore loser, got the better of the card game.

In the New Zealand twilight, the four friends walled themselves in a church silence, no longer daring, no longer wanting to speak due to irritation and resentment. To break the ice, his friend Laurent proposed serving a good Gin & Tonic to everyone to calm the storm. This cocktail did not have the desired effect intended, instead it had a bomb effect—which detonated in Baptiste’s brain.

Young entrepreneur Baptiste, inspired by this flash of genius, launched Distillerie Officine. A wind of madness blew over Colmar. In the land of storks and pretzels, Baptiste was fed up with seeing juniper berries in sauerkraut, so he decided to distil them! His distillery is a self-proclaimed creative space, a laboratory of curiosity, an educated mix of experimentation and elaboration of spirits that will tantalize your taste buds.

Why this name, and why gin? Well, hold on and we’ll explain. We wanted to restore all its credentials to gin. Unjustly, because of awful blends of gin and tonic, people have turned to more mundane cocktails ... Blasphemy!

Let's start from the beginning... Dr Franciscus Sylvius, a 17th century Dutch chemist, is often considered the Father of the Gin. During his time, alcohol distilled from juniper berries and bouquets of aromatic herbs was sold in pharmacies to fight stomach upset, gout and lumbago. This explains where Officine name comes from.  L'officine de pharmacie is a French term for the part of the pharmacy where medicines are prepared.

That's why this month we are proud to present Gin PHI, a balanced and fresh-tasting gin. Using a contemporary approach, Gin PHI is elaborated from a good gin base, with woody and resinous aromas and a citrus profile. It provides a clean freshness on the nose and a medium finish on the palate, with floral notes to give roundness. This gin is craft distilled using a 50-liter column still, which allows to adapt and perfect the creation of aromas, as the distillation is followed with attention and precision.

The distillation process is based on the use of a neutral alcohol in which the juniper berries are macerated and then steam infused with all the other botanicals. Baptiste’s philosophy is to create small batches so he can offer seasonal gins and respond to changing demands. In the future, he would like to offer even more unique products.

Distillerie Officine produces ethical products. Most of the raw materials come from organic farming but products also come from the garden attached to the distillery. All gins are diluted with spring water from Alsace.

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