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5 Reasons to Order a French Gin Box

  1. Gin is in!

Did you know that there is a gin renaissance happening, not only in the UK but all over the world? It seems like a new gin is being released every week in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Although France is not known for gin, the distillers who make renowned French spirits, such as Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados, and l’Eau de Vie, have jumped on the bandwagon and have added gin to their portfolio. Same goes for many winemakers across France. Some winemakers have put a slight twist on gin by making the base spirit from grapes instead of grains, which is then distilled with juniper berries and their signature botanicals.  

  1. French Gin is excellent!

Undoubtedly, the French know how to make fabulous wine and spirits, and believe me, they also know how to make sensational gin—gin that is equally as good, and arguably even better than gin made elsewhere. If you live in France, why not support local gin producers and try something new? All gins, carefully selected for our boxes, are small-batch, artisanal gins, which are not easily found or readily available to the public. 

  1. Convenient, flexible, and secure

Every other month, we ship a French gin box to your address of choice. If you run out of gin before our next shipment, you can order more gin at a discount in our online Boutique. If you sign up for a recurring subscription, you may cancel anytime. The pre-paid subscriptions make a perfect gift to yourself or for the gin-lovers in your life.  Moreover, all transactions are secure and encrypted. 

  1. A great reason to host a party

Receiving new and unique gins and tonics calls for a celebration. Be thought of as a trend-setter and a gin connoisseur by having family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues over for a Gin & Tonic or another gin-based cocktail. Because you will receive a full-size bottle of French gin and two premium tonics or mixers, along with tasting notes, you will have plenty to get started and talk over. 

  1. You love the element of surprise and exclusivity

If you look forward to unboxing a pleasant surprise. You are adventurous and like collecting hard-to-come-by and exclusive items. And most importantly, you like gin. You sound like the perfect person to subscribe to Ginsations’ French Gin Box. We look forward to welcoming you to our club of “Ginthusiasts!” 

Order now until December 6th to receive our inaugural box, just in time for the holidays!

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  • I ordered 2 bottles of gins and a lot of different premium tonics on Ginsations and I am very pleased with the quality of all the products I received. On top of it, Stefani was of a great support during the delivery process. Even though Mondial Relais broke the original package, she did not hesitate to send me a new one straight way through Colissimo. Excellent products and excellent customer service! Thanks Ginsations!


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