Stefani Baker is the founder of Ginsations French Gin Box & e-Boutique

BY A GIN LOVER FOR GIN LOVERS (and the curious)

On the surface, nothing could have predicted Stefani Baker to start a gin business... and for a good reason: she didn't even like gin, so she thought!

Yet every time she went out for after-work drinks with her former colleagues in Switzerland, she would listen to them rave about the quality of their Gin & Tonic. So, one evening, she dared to try one. It was love at first taste! A local gin and local tonic from the Basel region literally changed her life.

From that moment, Stefani started trying all kinds of artisanal gins with one obsession: finding French gins. She then had a brilliant idea: why not launch a Gin Box in France similar to those in the United Kingdom or Belgium? Stefani did not hesitate for long, as she knew the gin craze would pick up in France. An entrepreneur at heart, she decided to obtain her WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Level 2 certificate in London before launching GINSATIONS - the world's first gin box dedicated solely to French gins. The first boxes shipped in December 2018 for Christmas. Because her company is in Alsace, Stefani's first box featured an Alsatian gin made by Domaine Valentin Zusslin.

Originally from the United States, Stefani was born into a family of entrepreneurs in the newspaper industry. She has lived in France for over twenty years and became French by naturalization. The California native moved to Grenoble in 1999. She and her husband worked at Hewlett-Packard and lived in the French Alps for 14 years before settling in Alsace. Before launching her company, Stefani worked as a communications and events copywriter supporting pharmaceutical companies in Basel for over three years. Passionate about artisanal gin, particularly French gin, she created GINSATIONS to help a significant number of people discover and appreciate gin by offering the most practical and sensational experience in French gin in today's market.

Today, Stefani's priority is supporting and promoting distilleries and small businesses. Building a community of "ginthusiasts" contributes to the revelation of craft and high-end gins produced in France, which are relatively unknown or challenging to distribute. She tests and selects each gin and pairs them with premium tonics and mixers to make the perfect cocktails for each box. She is in charge of all aspects of the business to control the quality of her boxes. It is also paramount that each customer receives excellent service similar to what one can expect from companies in the US. To meet the demanding needs of Gin Tonic lovers in the three borders region, Ginsations also has a stand every Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. at the weekly market in Leymen (68).


Life is too short to drink ordinary gin!