Stefani Baker is the founder of Ginsations French Gin Box & e-Boutique

BY GIN LOVERS FOR GIN LOVERS (and the curious)

Stefani Baker created GINSATIONS to help more people discover and appreciate a new world of gin by offering the most convenient and sensational French gin experience on the market to date. She promises that your gin experience will never be the same. And she is grateful for the opportunity to share this new and exciting gin journey with you.


To create fellow "ginthusiasts" by helping others discover and fall in love with all the amazing craft gins made in France—gins that are not well-known or easily found. We partner with talented craft distillers who are passionate about making their unique spirits. In turn, we are passionate about helping those distillers become well-known for their gins, and at the same time, putting France on the map for gin. Most importantly, we are passionate about delivering a sensational experience to our subscribers. 


Life's too short to drink ordinary gin!


If you have a question, want to say hello, or are interested in partnering with us for an upcoming box, we'd love to hear from you via bonjour@ginsations.com