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June Gin Box 2020 - GINSATIONS

June Gin Box 2020

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June's French Gin Box featured the gorgeous Amber Blood Gin, a brand new London Dry gin from Marc-en-Bareoul in the north of France. To learn more about this unique gin made with hops and elderflower berries, click on the link below.

Our subscribers were treated to the following:

  • one 70 cl bottle of Amber Blood Gin; 40% ABV
  • two 200 ml bottles of Swiss Mountain Spring Classic Tonic
  • one 3-pack box of Toque Gin & Tonic botanical garnishes
  • one sachet of dried juniper and elderflower berries
  • one Meet-the-Maker flyer in ENG/FR
  • one -10% discount code for the purchase of more Amber Blood Gin in our e-Boutique