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Meet the Maker of Poulpe Bleu Gin

Meet the Maker of Poulpe Gin - gin de Provence - La Liquoristerie de Provence

We are delighted to present to you the first batch of Poulpe Bleu Gin, named after the legendary blue octopus of Provence, famous for getting out of the water at night to sample the botanicals of its inlets. He would appreciate the finesse of this maceration of juniper berries and botanicals characteristic of their beautiful Mediterranean coastline: thyme, rosemary, lemon zest, sea criste, almond, and rose petals. 

Poulpe Bleu is a maceration gin made from 51% juniper berries. They add several botanical macerations or essential oils, namely thyme, rosemary, sea Criste, almond, lemon zest, rose, angelica, iris root, and seaweed. The neutral base alcohol used is made from beetroot. They carry out the macerations onsite, as well as the blending and bottling. A vacuum still is used for the distillation process.