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Meet the Maker of Hysope Tonic Water

Mériadec Buchmuller, fondateur Hysope tonics
Everything is done to promote a unique French know-how (a perfumer's know-how). HYSOPE organic tonics reveal a long-lasting bitterness, close to that produced by cinchona, and a delicious balance between the distillation of plants and a controlled sweetness. The choice of a purely French product has also influenced the use of gentian (a bitter and typically French flower) as the basic aroma in the composition of all the tonic recipes. 

Meet the Makers of ARTONIC Tonic Water

Meet the Makers of ARTONIC  French organic tonic Jean Pasquet, Larry Skoller, Marion Duband
ARTONIC Premium Organic Mixers is the first French line of quality mixers created for super premium spirits. These all-natural tonics and sodas are made with pure Gensac spring water and sophisticated blends of natural quinine, fruit and botanicals. ARTONIC mixers are certified as organic, use no artificial sweeteners, flavoring or preservatives and contain less sugar and fewer calories.

Meet the Makers of Javoue Tonic Water

Meet the Makers of Javoue French organic tonic
Javoue tonic water, is produced in the heart of Limousin, France. It is deliciously refreshing and delicately effervescent and is made with organic cane sugar, quinine, and natural flavors from Provence. Javoue contains no added chemicals, preservatives or colorings and is ideally served ice cold between 4° C and 6° C.