Meet the maker of Hold Up Gin

Are you ready for the heist of the century this month? We are delighted to present Hold Up Gin, a brand new spirit from the Brûleries Modernes in the Charente-Maritime. In 2019 and almost 250 years after its origins, the Distillerie Vinet-Delpech created "Les Brûleries Modernes," in charge of the group's brands. Les Brûleries Modernes is thus able to offer a broad and complete portfolio including Hold Up Gin, a Blended Malt Whisky matured in Cognac casks, as well as a range of Cognac and Pineaux des Charentes. Hold Up Gin is the fruit of the collaboration between their know-how as distillers and the imagination of a writer who is passionate about detective novels. The author of Hold Up wanted to create a spirit around the world of crime novels (often associated with the tasting of spirits) and inspired by his favorite readings (J.-P. Manchette, Truman Capote, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dostoïevski, etc.) Hold Up is an artisanal, distilled gin. It is obtained by maceration of 100% natural ingredients in grain alcohol. The macerate is then distilled once in a Charentais still in the heart of the Spirits Valley. It has an ABV of 43% after a progressive reduction. Its unique recipe highlights the quintessence of carefully selected botanicals, including Tonka bean, aniseed, and coriander. We also find beautiful citrus notes with grapefruit and lemon. In appearance, Hold Up Gin is crystalline, thanks to cold filtration before bottling. On the nose, the juniper notes blend perfectly with the more pronounced notes of Tonka bean and citrus fruit that express themselves elegantly, subtly reinforced by a touch of aniseed and a slight hint of lemon. The texture in the mouth offers a certain roundness and length. The complex and very aromatic ensemble will please gin lovers, whether it is served neat, accompanied by a tonic, in a Negroni, or any other gin-based cocktail. Enjoy!

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