Meet the makers of SOIF Le Gin

SOIF Le Gin récompensé par un médaillé d'or
We are delighted to present this gin awarded with the silver medal of the IWSC 2022: SOIF Le Gin by the company S.O.I.F. (Spirits of Unquestionably French Origin) SAS. It's a great honor since their gin is not even a year old!

The story of SOIF began a little over a year ago with Fred, Jérôme and Pierre-Olivier, three Bordeaux friends and wine professionals, passionate about good products to drink and eat. Their initial idea started from a classic question: "And if we made our own gin?". THIRST therefore began as a somewhat selfish adventure of three friends who wanted to produce and drink their ideal gin. Working together diligently to find the best recipe and balance, it seemed unfair that their gin never left the shed. After more than a year of trying from their garden shed in the Médoc, the founders succeeded in creating their gin. Its atypical freshness, its great drinkability, its original aromas and its 100% artisanal production method make it unique.
Soif Le Gin est un gin français infusé avec les agrumes et les poivres

SOIF Le Gin is their first product, but without a doubt the beginning of a great adventure. Their first
production was launched in September 2021: two products make up their range, "Soif Le Gin" an elegant gin with sweet and punchy flavors all in finesse (citrus fruits, peppers in particular), and "Soif Le Gin, AndroGin" a gin dominated by clementine, jasmine and juniper berry with a 100% natural blue color which, on contact with the tonic, turns pink.

The botanicals used to make SOIF Le Gin Juniper berries: Without juniper berries, it's not gin! Fragrant, powerful and peppery, this spice is the basis for making gin. Lemon: It counterbalances the power of the spices, the lemon brings the acidity essential to the recipe, and a sweeter nuance than the limes. Lime: Unlike lemon, lime will bring a slight bitterness, in addition to its natural acidity. Timut pepper: It brings freshness and roundness thanks to its fruity side. In addition to its intensity, this spice brings citrus aromas of citrus flavors, which are felt instantly in the mouth. Sichuan Pepper: It helps give our gin its freshness and freshness and its woody, lemony notes. Its berries are generally used in cooking. Black pepper: The classic but essential black pepper brings an essential kick of liveliness and character. kick of liveliness and character.

Soif Le Gin Made in FranceThe two compound gins are produced by their gin maker, a trained oenologist who has worked in the great Châteaux of Bordeaux. Their ingredients are sourced locally and sustainably whenever possible. The typicality of our gins lies in a careful choice of ingredients that we always want to be original, with the right balance for a real taste experience. We hope you agree!

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