Meet the creators of Saint Amans Gin


Our selection of French gin from our December 2019 Box was a new addition to the market: an ultra-premium gin from the magnificent "Jardin de la France", the Occitanie region in the south of France, a haven for winegrowers, with a climate producing some of the best grapes in the world. It is the love of these grapes that is the basis of this precious gin.

Proudly named after the tiny hamlet, nestled between the vineyards where Anne and Jean-Louis live, their gin is the result of a long-held dream: to create something lasting and with a purpose - to bring people together. Smooth and just as complex as it is balanced, they hope you enjoy drinking their gin as much as they enjoyed making it.

In France, respect for the land and its products is of great value. It permeates everything they do and instills pride in what they create. For Anne and Jean-Louis, the botanical garden they created on their premises embodies all of this and is a valuable source of ingredients for their distilled gin.

Anne and Jean-Louis not only have extensive international experience in the field of business and catering, their Franco-Scottish partnership has brought together two very complementary interests: Anne's love for the cultivation of fruits / flowers and herbs and Jean-Louis' fascination with "grape marc" (a derivative of winemaking). It was this harmony of skills that laid the perfect foundation to create their exclusive gin, London Dry style.

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