Meet the maker of Amber Blood Gin

For our Box of June 2020, we had the pleasure to present the first batch of 850 bottles Amber Blood Gin by MJM Spirit, based near Lille. Gin Amber Blood was launched this year.

The name "Amber Blood" is directly linked to its production process and the use of some of the most important herbs in their gin. The process begins with a first maceration of juniper berries and elder flowers. The alcohol then takes on a yellow tint of amber. Then the alcohol is filtered, and the elderberries are macerated. After a few hours, the mixture turns a deep red color. The mixture passes successively from an amber hue to the color of blood, hence the name Amber Blood. 

Marc Jarry, president and co-founder. Marc is passionate about the terroirs and lover of gin; he reconciled his vision of the world through his gin. Namely, using French products, highlighting the aromatic richness of their terroirs and creating something new. His gin is unlike any other. Bringing life to and revitalizing these terroirs is its driving force, with the ambition to contribute by offering a unique product based on French ingredients.  

Sylvie Matzkowski co-founder. A chemist by training, Sylvie is also passionate about terroirs and wine. With a partner, she also acquired vines in Fleurie, one of the 10 Beaujolais crus, the most feminine of them, with the aim of making an organic wine for connoisseurs looking for visual emotions, olfactory and gustatory. It is this same passion for good products that drives Sylvie and Marc in their Amber Blood Gin adventure! 

Amber Blood Gin is classified as a "London Dry Gin", meaning no added sugar, no added flavors, no additions after distillation. Maceration and distillation are carried out in a Holstein still with a 3-plate column + double cold filtration. 

The neutral alcohol used to make this gin is a super fine grain alcohol and the plants used are 100% French: juniper berries, elder flowers, elderberries, hops, hyssop and iris root. Marc and Sylvie therefore wanted to assemble products that were emblematic of France but which had never been used before or had been forgotten. To their knowledge, no product combines hops and elderflower. Likewise, no brandy or spirits use elderberries. Then there was a click and they said to themselves: "We must bring together products that do not know each other and make a product of excellence". They then looked at their personal stories, on the world of spirits and ingredients across France, and voila, Amber Blood Gin was born ! 

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