Meet the makers of Valkyrie Gin


 We are proud to present our February 2022 box featuring Valkryie Gin from La Rochelle (17), an artisanal spirit inspired by Nordic legends. In the 9th century, the Vikings landed off the coast of La Rochelle, on the island of Ré. The Valkyrie, a mysterious and beautiful warrior maiden from Norse mythology, accompanied to Valhalla the souls of Viking warriors who had valiantly perished in battle. It is the myth of these Vikings and the Valkyrie that guided the development of this gin.

Maison Bouvier Richir was founded in 2020 by Juliette Bouvier and Arnaud Richir. Longtime friends, Juliette and Arnaud found themselves around a common passion: spirits. Both cocktail lovers, so it was only natural that one evening over a glass of gin, the Valkryie adventure began. The primary desire in the design and production of this gin has always been to bring out two essential aspects in their eyes: their personalities, and their love of the Charente terroir.

Juliette, creative, full of determination and fighting spirit, defends the feminine values of Valkryie. It is the spicy and fresh element of gin. Arnaud, overflowing with optimism and energy, likes to live life to the fullest. It brings the fruity and sweet side to the gin.

The atypical recipe for Valkryie Gin remains secret, but the co-founders were keen to create a gin steeped in Charente history. The recipe is the result of their reflection and hundreds of tests. The botanicals revealed are Juniper Berries, Passion Berry Fruit, White Kampot Pepper, Coriander, and Limes. The base alcohol used is made from wheat. There are no additions or additives. This is a London dry gin in all its glory, all the aromas and essences of the botanicals are retained making it a very refined gin. Not yet having their own still, they called on a small family distillery in Cognac, where they were able to participate in the maceration, distillation in a copper still and bottling of their gin. They are really keen to be actors and to master their entire manufacturing process.

Their first batch of gin was launched in December 2020. They wanted to start with small volumes, so they produced around 2500 bottles. They are very happy because the recipe is very popular and they have doubled their volume in 2021. We hope you will like their gin too!

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