Meet the Makers of C'est Nous Gin


We are proud to present the French Gin from our August 2019 Gin Box, an artisanal and award-winning gin from the micro-distillery, Distillerie C'est Nous, based near Caen in Normandy.




The C'est Nous Distillery was created at the end of 2016 by Julie Le Roux, French sommelier, and David Granville, lover of English gin. They both lived and worked in London and enjoyed the gin scene there. When they settled in France, they noticed a lack of artisanal micro-distilleries, and therefore decided to start making their own spirits.



Thanks to their experience in the world of hospitality, David and Julie understand that everyone has different tastes. Their sole purpose is to make adaptable spirits, which allows you to taste them however you want, whether neat, with a blender, or in cocktails.



For this reason, the distillery not only produces distilled gin, but it also makes fruit flavored gins called Ginfusions, vodka and coffee liqueur, called Cold Brew.



This is Us Gin is made from neutral wheat-based alcohol. After a prolonged maceration of juniper berries, orange and lemon zest, angelica roots, coriander and a few other plants, the alcohol is slowly distilled in small batches (300 bottles) in a traditional still in copper, to create an aromatic and fragrant gin.



Since the release of C'est Nous Gin, the distillery has been thrilled to win bronze and silver medals at the International Spirit Challenge and also Best French Gin at the 2019, 2020, and 2023 World Gin Awards.




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