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Hold Up Distilled Gin français - GINSATIONS

Hold Up Distilled Gin - an explosion of flavors!

Les Brûleries Modernes

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Are you ready for the heist of the century on your taste buds?  It would be a crime not to taste this gin, as it is one of our all-time favorites!

Hold Up Gin was featured in our February 2021 box. It is an exquisite, artisanal distilled gin by Les Brûleries Modernes and Distillerie Vinet-Delpech in the Charente-Maritime region of France.

In 2020, this gin deservingly won a gold medal in the distilled gin category at the Concours Général Agricole in Paris. 

Hold Up is created by the maceration of 100% natural ingredients in grain alcohol. The macerate is then distilled once in a Charentais still in the heart of the Spirits Valley.

Hold Up Gin has an ABV of 43% after a progressive reduction. Its unique recipe highlights the quintessence of carefully selected botanicals, including Tonka bean, aniseed, and coriander. We also find beautiful citrus notes with grapefruit and lemon.

70 cl bottle with a unique bottle cap modeled after the barrel of a revolver.  

We suggest drinking Hold Up neat, on the rocks, or with a premium tonic, such as ARTONIC Indian or ARTONIC Lemon & Lavender.